Every year around this time, China holds a massive military drill. Like clockwork. Military police units from across the country's thirty-four provincial level districts show off the latest in domestic security. This year, the theme is knife attacks.

Over the last couple of years, knife attacks have become more common in China, and the need for military drills are more and more important Xinhua News reports. Guns are illegal and are very difficult to come by in the People's Republic. China's military is separated into both the regular military and the domestic military police. On top of the knife attacks, terror attacks have been carried out in China: Most recently a mass stabbing in South China's Kunming rail station and a bombing in West China's Xinjiang.

This year's military drill aims to "counter" terrorism with an emphasis on knife wielding attackers.


More like a show of force than a real drill, the Chinese military shows off its various vehicles and personnel. Some of the anti-personnel vehicles are quite imposing.

Here, we've attached a video of anti terror training in Xinjiang province. Look at those guys go!

I'm not sure why the targets had their faces blurred out. Must be something that shouldn't be seen.

These anti-terror drills are currently still on going in certain provinces in the country. Most of these drills involve urban warfare. I guess, one can never be too safe.


成都特警反恐演练 摧毁爆炸物击毙匪徒[Sichuan TV via Qianlong.com]
实拍驻疆武警反恐演练 奇袭制敌2秒出枪 [CCTV via ChinaNews.com]
中国31省份密集反恐演练 多模拟“持刀伤人”[Xinhuanet]
Photos via Xinhua

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