Doabearandroll and Varghon are two musicians who got to know each other through Twitch, but had never played together before. Outside TwitchCon, they finally jammed for the first time, putting a new spin on an original song by Doabearandroll (Varghon, a professional cellist, improv-ed his part). The modern world is

Nexon’s booth at TwitchCon has the largest variety of booth foliage I’ve ever seen. So many different kinds of fake trees! Spring trees, fall trees, palm trees, and even bamboo. I counted six different types in total, all to promote a game called Durango: Wildlands. As a booth foliage aficionado, I’m impressed.

The meet-and-greet lines at TwitchCon are so long that not even a perfect cosplayer could get face time with Dr Disrespect. WiiMoon, a partnered Twitch streamer herself, told me she didn’t even know what she’d say to the Doc, but was sure it’d come to her in the moment. It’ll be a crime if they don’t meet at some

To kick off TwitchCon, Twitch just announced a bunch of upcoming features. Some of them, like “raids,” which occur when a bunch of viewers from one stream join another (and can, it should be noted, be used abusively), are beefed up versions of things people already do, while others, like “achievements” for building up