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The season finale of The Wolf Among Us comes out next week. The fifth episode of Telltale's adaptation of DC Comics' Fables series hits Steam and North American PSN on Tuesday July 8. It lands on European PSN and Xbox Live on Wednesday July 9, with the iOS version following on Thursday July 10.

12:50 PM

The fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us comes out on May 27th, developer Telltale Games just announced. It's called "In Sheep's Clothing," and it's the penultimate episode. The season started to get really good in the last episode, so let's hope that it stays that way!

10:36 AM

Episode three of The Wolf Among Us is out this week, developer Telltale says—it releases today on PS3, PC, and Mac; and it's out tomorrow on Xbox 360 (and on PSN in Europe). iOS comes later this week.

11:19 PM

Telltale Games teased the title screen of The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile.

2:15 PM

Can't get enough Jack and Bigby? Here's the trailer for episode two of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us. Will Jack get his ass-kicked by the big bad in Smoke & Mirrors? Next week is far too long to wait for an answer. Just imagine it in your head until then. (via IGN)

3:49 PM

Telltale Games says that the next episode of The Wolf Among Us will be out during the first week of February. After a thread on their own forums and on Reddit blew up with outrage over the lack of news as to when episode 2 would be coming out, the developer announced that "It's been a struggle to get this episode

2:24 PM

Bigby Wolf stalks iOS this evening in the first episode of Telltale Games' Fables series. Released in October for PC, Mac and consoles, The Wolf Among Us begins a pre-comic murder mystery starring a fairy tale villain on the road to redemption. It's a good start.

8:30 PM

Classic Wolf: Philipp Smart re-imagines Telltale's Fables game The Wolf Among Us as a classic 90s Lucasarts adventure game. I'd play the hell out of it.