Feb 18 2014

Do you watch True Detective? You should be watching True Detective. It's really, really good. It's on Sundays on HBO, and they're just over halfway through the first season. I thought I'd see if anyone out there is watching it, and if so, what you think.

Jan 17 2014

Lego Invasion: this cool video by AndrewMFilms proves that you should never steal all the golden bricks—that's when the entire Lego universe comes after you. You also get a bunch of cool items, though, so maybe you should steal the gold Lego bricks...hmm.

Dec 6 2013

An emoticon future: check out this thought-provoking video by PBSoffbook, where they look at the history of the emoticon and where they are going. I for one want the future of language to be with ebooks and bots, but, y'know.