Hitman’s next Elusive Target is The Entertainer, coming to the Bonus Mission of Marrakesh for 10 days starting July 14. The blog post says it’s “the final Elusive Target to be released for the first season of Hitman,” so we’ll see what happens next. RIP, Targets (Get it? Ah, you get it...).

Hitman gets a third bonus episode, “Landslide,” on January 31st to coincide with the physical release. The mission takes place in Sapienza (yay!) and is free for anyone who owns the complete edition or upgrade pack. It will also be purchasable, along with Hitman’s other two bonus missions, as part of the “Bonus

Hitman’s November Update adds the ability to use items you’ve unlocked online in offline mode, as well as some UI changes and other fixes. View all the changes here. The update is available today for all platforms.