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Apr 27 2015

Pixel artist Junkboy reimagined John Carpenter’s classic movie They Live as a cool beat ‘em up game from the early 90s. It’s got all the characteristics of side-scrolling arcade games, complete with breakable windows and smashable cars.

Nov 13 2014

After taking out all the gods in the pantheon, Kratos goes up against some really wild first gen Pokémon in Tuna-Art's fan-piece. Charizard's flamethrower might be too much for him.

Oct 28 2014

The legendary Pokémon Rayquaza is about to crash into a group of flying-types. DeviantART artist Arvalis made a really good job on this. Those tiny animated parts make this version of the serpentine beast totally badass.

Oct 13 2014

Pokémon trainers have a long journey ahead, a post-apocalyptic or at least really dark one, according to kevinbolk's superb gloomy drawing on DeviantART.

Jul 23 2014

When not busy with Heroes of the Storm, artist Luke Mancini draws wild fan-art, like this cartoony one with Super Mario, Peach, and Yoshi, who transformed into a beast.

Jul 3 2014

The fanny pack on Ganondorf, the tagged wall and all the little details make this 80s Zelda art by Yaguete perfect. Even the boots have some small references to the games.