Official Pokémon Tournament Only Allowed Monsters With Many Weaknesses

Last weekend, the weak inherited the Pokémon world for an official online tournament. Much like last month’s Tiny Tournament, players could only use a subset of the game’s hundreds of options. The Weakness Cup’s restriction, as its name implies, only allowed players to use Pokémon with five or more weaknesses to the…

Normally, A Competitive Pokémon Match Between These Top Players Wouldn't Happen

There are many ways to play competitive Pok√©mon, and each format has its own group of top players. These groups usually don‚Äôt cross paths, but YouTubers created an online league to remedy that. Last weekend, two elite trainers from the singles community took on their ‚Äúdoubles‚ÄĚ counterparts in a clash of the titans.