Microsoft was the first up to bat today, and this year they focused primarily on one thing during their presentation: the games. Not just big triple-A games, either—there were plenty of small indie games showcased as well. People noticed.

In fact, in general, people seem to be responding pretty well to everything Microsoft unveiled today during their press conference, relative to the sentiments last year. This is not to say people didn't have snark to offer—it's the internet, and that's just the basic mode of communication around here. Still, there's the feeling that Microsoft upped their game from last year. Literally.


Here are some highlights of what folks are saying around the web, both about Microsoft or the games they presented during the conference:

(Boyes is the vice president of publisher & developer relations at PlayStation, by the way.)

It's kind of funny to hear how folks immediately knew it was Lara, too:

This tweet is in reference to Crackdown—as is the next comment:

("King Joffrey" is definitely a reference to the dude we saw in Scalebound.)

In response to Fable Legends:

In response to the new Halo collection:

Other folks were a bit more emotional about the Halo announcement:

In response to Conker:

And at least one person didn't seem happy with the amount of CGI the presentation had:

Francis, naturally, also has things to say:

What about you, what did you think about Microsoft's E3 presentation? Let us know in the comments.


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