If current trends continue, there'll soon come a time when I play more card/board games than video games. And when that time comes, I hope to be playing on something as extravagant as this.

Geek Chic produce a range of gaming tables that make me wish I was in a job that paid a lot more than this one. Because despite costing around $4,000-$16,000 for the better ones, I look at all of them as sensible, justifiable expenses.


The gist of most of the tables is that they can, for most times, be used as real tables, with solid wooden tops. Then, when the time comes, off comes the top and out comes the drawers and compartments, transforming them from humble tables into gaming powerhouses.

You can check out their full range below. And just to remind you, those weren't typos, these things can run well into five figures.

Geek Chic [Offical Site, via neatorama]