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Stand-Alone Xbox One Kinect Will Cost $150

Illustration for article titled Stand-Alone Xbox One Kinect Will Cost $150

In June, Microsoft started selling the Xbox One without Kinect. In October, you'll be able to buy the Kinect on its own—but it'll cost you $150.


Standalone versions of the Xbox One's Kinect will go on sale October 7, Microsoft said today. The motion-sensing accessory will come with a digital copy of Harmonix's Dance Central Spotlight.

So the full breakdown:

Xbox One without Kinect: $400

Xbox One with Kinect: $500

Stand-alone Kinect: $150

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It makes "sense", but only if you think of it as a bundle discount.

That said. If people didn't want to spend the extra $100 for a Kinect...why would they potentially spend $150?

...Are there any games that actually USE Kinect for anything meaningful?