Splinter Cell: Conviction's Multiplayer Experience In Three Parts

Three new videos provide nearly everything you need to know about the multiplayer of Splinter Cell: Conviction, from Deniable Ops side games and Persistent Elite Creation system to the co-op story mode.

Splinter Cell: Conviction's aim is to redefine the stealth action experience, and according to game director Patrick Redding, that covers the multiplayer aspect as well.

The co-op story mode sees two players taking on the roles of agents from two different organizations teaming up in a prequel to the game's main story, which of course stars Mr. Sam Fisher.


Deniable Ops is the term for the additional game modes for Splinter Cell: Conviction, made up of four modes - Hunter, Infiltration, Last Stand, and Face Off. Hunter has the player taking out a set number of enemies, while Face Off is a competitive version of Hunter Mode. Last Stand is a survivor mode, with the agents tasked with protecting an EMP warhead as waves of enemies try and take it out. Lastly there's Infiltration, which is about taking out enemies without being detected, for those stealth action purists out there.

And be sure to check out the Persistent Elite Creation system to see how Splinter Cell: Conviction rewards players for their patience and skills.

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I don't care much about MGS, but I do have to admit that MGS art style looks pretty awesome and over the top cut scenes are ridiculous, but cool.

I am a huge fan of Splinter Cell, but I hate it's art style (I am kinda warmed up to this version) and cut scenes. My best compromise between two would be MGS art style and cut scenes with the Splinter Cell game play. I will buy 10 copies of such game just b/c I can.