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SoulCalibur Poster Is as Subtle as Ass Cheeks in the Face Can Be

And you thought the giant boobs were crass? Ha! This is another advert for upcoming fighting game SoulCalibur V. It's cheeky. Literally.

The ad copy isn't subtle, either. Over the thonged butt, it reads, "The series' greatest masterpiece" in Japanese, a statement that later might prove more controversial than the giant ass depicted.

As commenter Urfe pointed out, there is even a corny word pun with the Japanese word "series" (シレーズ). The first two letters "shiri" (シリ) have dots over them; "shiri" can mean "butt" in Japanese.

There is also another pun: "masterpiece" is "kessaku" ("傑作" or "けっさく") in Japanese, and "ketsu" ("尻" or "けつ") can mean "butt" in Japanese. Basically, Namco is calling it their "mASSterpiece". Hilarious.


The full-page advertisement appeared in the Japanese tabloid Nikkan Sports, a publication aimed at Japanese salarymen and one that does not shy away from ass cheeks.

ソウルキャリバー5の広告が酷い!何このエロ広告www [オタク.com]

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