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Annual sports video games can often seem like barely updated versions of the previous year’s installment. That’s certainly the case with the PC version of NBA 2K20, which shows up on the Windows taskbar as NBA 2K19.

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NBA 2K20 is under fire from fans for many reasons. Its microtransactions are atrocious. Its long loading times and glitches led to the hashtag #fix2K20 trending on Twitter. User reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly negative. Many of those Steam reviews call the game a rehash of last year’s game, and the “retro” taskbar icon has become the poster child of that claim. I downloaded the game this morning on Steam, launched it, and tabbed out, and sure enough, there was the icon for NBA 2K19.


This feels like it should be one of the biggest things you triple check when you release a new version of an annual sports game. Hopefully it will be from here on out. This is just embarrassing.

I’ve reached out to 2K about the icon mishap. If I were them, I’d quietly swap it out and continue working on fixing NBA 2K20’s bigger issues.


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