Beautiful LEGO is a new book by Mike Doyle that, well, you can probably guess what it's about.

Doyle has interviewed some of the world's best LEGO builders for the book, and its 260 pages are packed with all kinds of different works, from intricate buildings to pop culture homages to original designs.


For the most part, it's great. It's a ridiculously colourful book, and the images are all nice and hi-res. Doyle is also coming at this from a position of experience; he's an accomplished builder himself, and his masterpiece "Odan" (which we've featured here) adorns the cover.

That also counts against the book in some ways, though. There's a real scarcity of actual text in the book, and while it's fine scrolling through page after page of image, it would have been nice to also get a little more insight into the creative process.

It's available for $20 from Amazon, and is available now.

Rotary Phone (2012) © Chris McVeigh

CubeDudes (2009–2010) © Angus MacLane

Bradley the Blue Jay (2012) © Thomas Poulsom

Rearing Stallion (2011) © Tim Goddard

Victorian on Mud Heap (2011) © Mike Doyle

Doc Edgerton (2010) © Tom Simon