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Solid Gold Monster Hunter Statue Costs $29,000

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Capcom's Monster Hunter series is turning ten, which means it's time to celebrate... with a three million yen statue.

The collectible is going on sale in Japan tomorrow. With a price tag of exactly 2,990,000 yen, or $29,089, the statue, which shows an armored Felyne warrior wielding a giant sword, weighs 120g, measures 55 by 125 by 90 millimeters, and comes with its own certificate of authenticity. And don't forget: it's made of solid gold.


Appropriately enough, the anniversary golden statue is limited to ten pieces in total. Here's hoping they can actually find ten buyers! These might be a bit too expensive to become Capcom's office paperweights, after all.


Tenth Anniversary Monster Hunter Statue [Capcom JP]

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