Recently on Korean website Humor School, a series of photos appeared of a young man who was slated to enter military service on June 30. He got a haircut that was so bad, it's good.

No, no, no. I'm not talking about the close-cut hairdo service members get. I'm talking about something much worse. And, maybe, slightly wonderful. A last shot at civilian hijinks (for the time being, that is).

The pictures show the young man getting his hair buzzed by friends, leaving a few long locks, which were styled with hair wax and rolled with incense sticks. The hairdo, it seems, resembles ceramics from the Goryeo dynasty.


I'm not sure he was successful, but this seems like a fun way to blow off steam, er, smoke before finally trimming off all one's hair and entering the service.

This isn't the first funny hairdo from this chap. As Yam News points out, a few years back, he got a haircut to look like a Japanese yokai, achieving a degree of internet fame:

Soldier on, hairstyle dude, soldier on.

군 입대 머리컷 [Humor School Thanks, Sang!]

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