This is the best sausage glove I've ever seen. Well, it's the only one I've ever seen.

Japanese comedy site Daily Portal Z created a "sausage glove" to be used with smartphones. Why a glove? It's cold outside. Why sausages, though?


Back in 2010, some folks in South Korea began uses snack sausages as a "meat stylus" for smartphones.

As you may know, unless you are using specially designed gloves, you probably can't use a touchscreen while keeping your fingers toasty. Here, it works like this:

So Daily Portal Z, never one to turn from potential hijinks, made a wonderful sausage glove by cutting up individual pieces of the snack, holding them in place with plastic picks, and creating what looks like a meat armor mitt.

Look at that articulation.

And here's how you can use the sausage glove with one hand.

After the sausage glove stunt was finished, Daily Portal Z made a meaty meal with the sausages.


スマホ対応ソーセージ手袋 [Daily Portal Z]

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