Sadly, Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Did Not Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

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Those already knee-deep in Left 4 Dead 2's Southern undead will be familiar with Jimmy Gibbs Jr, who is only the greatest stock car racer of all time. Or shall we say, was.


Enterprising modder samm5506 was digging around in Left 4 Dead 2's code the other day when he stumbled upon a zombie model not found within the game itself. Dropping it into a level, he found it was none other than Mr. Jimmy Gibbs Jr. himself, who aside from being a particularly tough zombie, also brings out a few custom one-liners from the survivors, like Nick's "God damn that Jimmy Gibbs Jr.!".

To drop Gibbs into a game (PC version only, naturally), enable the console, then from the main menu enter these commands:

map atrium
sv_cheats 1
z_forcezombiemodelname common_male_jimmy
z_forcezombiemodel 1

Then have at him. The fact he's dead - and trying to bite your face off - makes stealing his car totally OK.

Hidden Jimmy Gibbs Zombie! :D []


This is actually an extremely good idea. The next game should take place in California, as there are quite a few famous zombies that I wouldn't bashing with a frying pan.