Last year, BioShock Infinite boss Ken Levine pleaded with the world to stop making Elizabeth porn. It didn't work.

Paste's Maddy Myers has the story today of Zone, who if you're not familiar with his stuff is an artist who, among other animation projects, makes porn games. Zone's most recently released a BioShock Infinite one called - wait for it - BioCock Intimate. The story isn't the fact it's been made, though, but rather what's been made.

I'm not going to tell you all to go out and play this. It's explicit, and NSFW, and all that. So if all you're going to bring to this topic is the Paste article, some SFW screenshots and your own views on pornography, so be it.

But Zone's work is interesting, because it's technically impressive. A lot of work has gone into drawing and animating this. It also shows a genuine appreciation for the source material that goes way beyond standard porn parody limits, right down to some hilarious "tears" that open up into, well, places that aren't REM songs.


Zone has also spent a ton of time on the audio, which is again impressive, if not also a touch unsettling. Rather than using a voice actor, Zone has scraped and modified actual in-game audio from Elizabeth's lines of dialogue.

That kind of hard work doesn't go unnoticed; in addition to picking up a healthy online following, Zone's kick-ass animation skills have also led to work on fighting game Skullgirls as an animator.

Hyper Mode: Elizabeth Comstock's Last Hurrah [Paste]