The biggest news to hit about Smash Bros. yesterday had to be the inclusion of Pac-Man—and boy did people have a lot to say about it.

For some, Pac-Man wasn't a surprise addition to the roster: Namco is involved in Smash Bros. development, after all. Even so, folks seemed to react strongly to the Pac-Man reveal. Some seem happy. Some seem a bit mad that a slot is "wasted" on a character like Pac-Man. And some are content with cracking jokes about it all.

Here's some of what people around the web are saying about Pac-Man in Smash Bros.

Someone apparently predicted Pac-Man way back in 2013. Woah.

Miiverse aside, let's see what the rest of the internet said about Pac-Man, shall we?

One person couldn't help but wonder if Ms. Pac Man would be included also:

Perhaps as an alternate skin? In any case, there were definitely Photoshops following the announcements:

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"all this pac man hate and i'm just like" (via purified-zone)

And for those of you who are like "why is Pac-Man in this game," JonTron has something to say to you:

At least one person tried doing a real-life Smash Bros. tussle while pretending to be Pac-Man:

One person felt annoyed with folks who screamed CALLED IT:

People were still hyped about it though, don't worry:

And yes, people had stuff to say about Palutena too. Most of it seemed focused on her butt, thanks to how she was revealed:

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Not everyone, though...

What about you, what do you think about Smash Bros' newest characters?