PS3 Racer Gets In Touch With Its Musical Side

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While I'd forgotten all about PS3 game Modnation Racers, I could never forget about rhythm action game Gitaroo Man. So it's lovely seeing the two come together like this, helping each other out.


User D-Mise has used Modnation's robust character-creation tools to whip up what must surely be one of the most impressive things we've yet to see come out of this game: a picture-perfect recreation of U-1, the star of 2002's classic PS2 title Gitaroo Man.

If you've never played it, the next time you're whizzing around Modnation's plastic tracks, whistle the following tune to yourself, and remember a time when games didn't even know what "user generated content" meant.

[thanks Pablo!]



Now I'm tempted to boot Guitaroo Man up again, even though I know I'll just get my ass kicked by the little vampire prick again.

"Beauty is a sin!" Fuck yoooooou!