Pokémon Go's New Water Event Makes The Rare Lapras More Common

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

If you’re still waiting for Lapras to land in your Pokémon Go PokeDex, it might be your lucky day. Pokémon Go announced its new Water Festival event today, which will increase select water spawns globally.


Totodile, Squirtle, Magikarp and others will appear more often after 1 P.M. PDT for the next week. To celebrate, your trainer will now be outfitted with a Magikarp hat, which surely will not get them beat up at school.

Also, Pokémon Go patched a feature that had players pretty excited. When you hit a 7-day streak with PokeStops, you’ll now receive a random item for evolving Pokemon. With the glacial pace Pokémon Go’s updates move, ramping up evolution was a good decision.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.



Came here to say Niantic is really taking their time with these updates. Saw you already covered that. Now I am making a comment to acknowledge that it has been covered.

But seriously, Niantic is drip feeding content into this game. They need to hire more staff or something. At this rate it’ll finally resemble a Pokemon game in 2019.