Oh boy! Multiplayer shooter NeoTokyo, the classic Half-Life 2 mod that you'd be forgiven for thinking disappeared a long time ago, has just been released on Steam following a lengthy Greenlight campaign. Meaning, hopefully, a whole new crowd of people get to experience one of the slickest mods ever made.

Those who used to play it will know the deal. Those who haven't, or haven't even heard of it, may be wondering why everyone speaks so highly of NeoTokyo.


Well, it's tough-but-fair, very reliant on precise timing and accuracy, in the way you remember old Counter-Strike games being. It has amazing art design that, even five years after it was first released (and ten years after work on it began), still looks fresh. It also has a fantastic soundtrack, which you can get for free here.

The best part, though, is that being a mod, it's free. So go check it out.