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PixelJunk Venturing from PSN to Steam

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kyoto-based Q-Games revealed today that its PSN title PixelJunk Eden would be headed to Steam.

Priced at US$9.99, the Steam version will include the game's "Encore" DLC pack. Eden's full 17-song soundtrack, which includes unreleased tracks, will be available via DLC for $5.99.


For the Steam version, the game has been retuned. The Grimp, the little character you control, now can warp back to his last resting position in the Steam version. You can also save your progress in each garden in Eden.

"Steam has always been a great platform for indie games and I have admired the way they have supported non-traditional game development with titles such as Terraria, Bastion, World of Goo, etc.," said Q-Games honcho Dylan Cuthbert in an official statement. "We had a blast revisiting it to prepare it for Steam."


The game will hit Steam next week, and Q-Games is running an "early bird discount", allowing gamers to get everything at 20 percent off.

This is the second PixelJunk game to appear on a non-PlayStation platform. The first was PixelJunk Monsters, which appeared on Facebook.