Forget rucksacks. You want a snack pack. And you want it built with your favorite cookies, chocolate and potato chips. Well, I sure do.

Recently in South Korea, photos of these junk food bags have been appearing on numerous websites, with, apparently, teens making them for each other as birthday presents.


Though, it's possible some of the kids are making them for themselves and not necessarily for birthdays. Two students were spotted wearing snack packs that read "Graduation Celebration."

The backpacks are made by taping together packs or boxes of cookies or potatoes or chocolates or whatever. Snacks in wrappers even double as the straps!

It's still unclear how widespread these snack packs are, but below, you can see numerous photos of the Korea Facebook site What To Eat Today? The images appeared on that Facebook site this week—though, they have been around longer than that.

The packs certainly look inventive, fun, and delicious.

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