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Peggle 2 No Longer Xbox Exclusive, Coming To PlayStation 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Peggle 2, PopCap's previously Microsoft-exclusive black hole time vortex of sheer addiction, is finally coming to PlayStation 4.


PopCap confirmed the news on its Twitter account. The game will be out on October 14th.

The EA published ball-based rainbow explosion classical music wonderment simulator originally launched on Xbox One late last year. It came to Xbox 360 as well, earlier this year. Kind of a curious starting place, given that the original Peggle flourished on everything from PC to smart phones and tablets—but then, that's console exclusives for you. Bleh.


I've reached out to EA and PopCap to see if they plan to bring Peggle 2 to any other platforms soon. Fingers crossed for PC and mobile (and, long shot, Nintendo stuff), but we'll see.

Update: An EA rep replied to my questions, but not with anything substantial. "We have nothing more to announce outside the PS4 version."