Ocarina Of Time Has A New Speedrunning Champion

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Accomplished Zelda speedrunner Cosmo, who's been regarded as the world's fastest Ocarina of Time player for a while now, has some serious competition. One of his fellow OoT racers recently dethroned him by shaving three seconds off the previous world record of 18 minutes and ten seconds.

The new 18:07 record was set this week by a player who goes by the handle Jodenstone. I'd definitely say it's impressive, especially considering that he took down Cosmo's 2014 winning streak. But considering that Cosmo bested himself several times over the course of the past year, who know if he'll find a way to shave off even another second or two.


The new record-holding Ocarina Of Time speedrun hasn't been put on YouTube yet, but for now you can watch the relevant Twitch video right here:

Watch live video from Jodenstone on Twitch

And the previous record here:

via Reddit

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A good time to remind everyone as well that AGDQ starts up on the 4th, and runs all week. The final game of the marathon will be Ocarina of Time. It's a lot of fun, for newcomers to speedrunning, to check out. I'd recommend looking at the schedule and finding some games you're familiar with, and tuning in during those times, you'll find out a lot of cool and interesting tidbits about a game you already love.