Mega Man, Made Out Of 97 Rubik's Cubes

Anyone can grab some colored Post-It Notes and bust out some impromptu pixel art. It takes real skill to transform 97 mini Rubik's Cubes into a pixel-perfect Mega Man. Impressed? Wait until you see his Pokemon.


YouTube user and Rubik's Cube expert Kyudan2 has been quietly busting out these incredibly impressive works of puzzle art for months now. Up until now, his focus has mainly been in recreating Pokemon sprites, like the simple Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow...

... to more complex Pocket Monsters such as Togepi, rendered here in 99 cubes.

Amazing work. Kyudan2 has more in his YouTube channel, and plans new vids on a regular basis, so go subscribe the living heck out of him.


Dan Schmiedeler

OK, this is cool, but I have to ask the obvious... why didn't he spring for 3 more cubes for the lower right-hand corner? Then the title could read, "Mega Man, Made Out Of 100 Rubik's Cubes." Is the number 97 tied to Mega Man somehow?