Titanfall Shows Up in NCIS: Los Angeles Murder Scene

Too bad a Ghost Squad Burn Card doesn't exist in real life. Permanent cloaking could've really helped this poor guy who gets shot in the opening minutes of CBS' hit military murder mystery series.

You know how the cop-drama formula goes: you meet the victim right as they're doing something exciting/mundane/tawdry, you get a sense of their personality and then they die. The victim here spends his seeming last breaths talking trash in a Titanfall session, right before some dudes straight out of Call of Duty bust into his door and game-over him. He didn't seem like that big a jerk.


Usually, shows like this swap in a fake version of a popular game to get around the permissions needed to use it. But EA and Respawn producers of NCIS probably shelled out enough dough to have the producers of NCIS: Los Angeles have their hit game be the second-to-last thing the victim does before his life supposedly ends.

Edit: As some of you have noted, money for this kind of placement usually goes from the product-makers to the TV show folk and not the other way around. Changes have been made to reflect that.


[Thanks, tipster Sean]

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Nope, 10 bucks says EA paid them for product placement.