Introducing Steamed (Which You May Have Already Noticed)

PC gaming coverage has always been popular on Kotaku, but around the start of the year, we decided to do something new: cover the PC’s top gaming service, Steam, as if it was a platform, the same way we’d cover an Xbox, a PlayStation or a Nintendo whatever. The result:

If you’ve been looking at Kotaku closely, this isn’t news to you. You’ve likely seen that many of our PC gaming stories now include a little notation that says that they were first published on Steamed.


Quite simply, Steamed is our attempt to create a single site for those of you who primarily play games through Steam. It covers the games, the service and the community (including a recurring showcase of community creations).

The site is overseen by one of the most PC-gaming-centric people we have on staff, Nathan Grayson. Here’s a sampling of what he’s been running on the site... everything from feature interviews to streams of new games, with more than a dash of coverage of the oft-unruly/colorful/strange things happening on Valve’s gaming service:


The majority of Nathan’s Steamed stories will continue to also run on Kotaku, since we know that PC gaming coverage is something that tons of our readers want. But if you want a site that’s just dedicated to the dominant PC gaming service and all of the things happening in and around it, you’ve got a new URL to bookmark.


We hope you’ll get a kick out of Steamed. Nathan’s been excited to get this project going. I hope you’ll let us know what you’d like to see from it.

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