Nintendo Says No New Switch Models Planned For 2020

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Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty)

Despite already announcing and releasing a new Switch model in 2019, rumors that Nintendo would release another variant of its latest console—a beefier, fancier “Pro” version—have refused to go away. So Nintendo has come out and just flat out said it: There are no new Switch models coming. At least in 2020.


No doubt keen to have people buy their consoles now instead of holding out for some hypothetical point in the future for some hypothetical new model, a short statement tucked away on page 10 of Nintendo’s latest fiscal report reads:

Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020.

That’s that, then. Feel free to ignore those ethereal “Pro” rumors for a while. Then let’s reconvene in 2021 and see where we’re at.

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I’ll believe it when 2020 has come and gone. Pretty sure they said this last year too, and then we got two new models.