Nintendo Is Sorry for Accidentally Banning Smash Bros. Players

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Over the weekend, some Smash Bros. 3DS players complained of being banned temporarily from online play. They weren't sure why.


In an official release, Nintendo announced today that there was a "lethal move" spawned by Peach using her "pulling turnips" move right at the start of online play. The problem is that in "For Glory" online play, there are no items available, which gives Peach players an unfair advantage.

Some players have been using the cheat, while others were not—but both, according to 2ch, apparently resulted in a blanket temp ban. In today's Nintendo press release, the company recognized that it has accidentally banned players that it mistakenly thought were cheating.

"We are truly sorry for any trouble this has caused players," Nintendo said in an official statement.

Nintendo is readying an update to fix the bug, and it should be ready in about a week.

On popular game blogs like My Game News Flash, many commenters are calling what happened "incompetence" on Nintendo's part.

『大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ for Nintendo 3DS』のインターネット対戦において [Nintendo]

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Flying Shoe Man I know For Glory removes items that appear randomly, but I don't see the issue with leaving items that generate via character (Turnip, Link's Bomb, etc.) in the game as it IS part of their move-set. While the turnip is such a small thing that it won't matter if it is removed, doesn't removing these items essentially gimp the characters that have these moves as part of their normal move-set?

It's not like they are generating a hammer or pokeball.