Nintendo Finally Remembers What E3 Is For

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The Elecontric Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is mainly an enthusiast event. The mainstream press pays it lip service, but it's dominated by flashy games for hardcore gamers. None of this Facebook stuff. Something Nintendo remembered for 2010.


The company's shows had developed into something of a train wreck in recent years, their 2007, 2008 and 2009 press conferences devolving into an embarrassing parade of Ravi Drums and Cammie Dunaway trying to make James Patterson's Women's Murder Club sound exciting.

In 2010, though, things were different.

"What we have shown and announced here at E3 this year was geared more towards the traditional Nintendo audience", Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors in a Q&A session during last week's show. "What we've shown this year at E3 reflects somewhat of an adjustment based on the experiences of last year and the year before to have our presentation focused on information which would be well accepted by the audience."

Who could have thought tailoring a presentation to its audience would go down well!


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I thought E3 was a press event largely that catered to the buyers (The people who decide what games end up on their store shelves) along with people within gaming.

What's with this silly 'hardcore' label? Come on Luke, don't tell me you've gotten into this stuff too.