New Call of Duty DLC Has Snoop Dogg Announce Your Kills

Wait, what? A few things. Why does this exist and why didn't this already exist? Regardless of the answers to these pressing questions, Call of Duty: Ghosts now officially has the best announcer in all of first-person shooters.


The lines weren't written by Snoop Dogg, but they may as well have been considering how naturally he seems to be reading them out. I'm used to the overly dramatic tones of Halo games, but I think I need Snoop Dogg to narrate all of my video game kills from here on out.

The multiplayer voice pack featuring Snoop Dogg releases on April 22 on Xbox Live, with other platforms to follow.

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Hm... now I want to have some amazing voice for Titanfall. Any ideas for who we should get?