NBA 2K15's Face Technology Fails Miserably, Creates Monsters

Illustration for article titled emNBA 2K15/ems Face Technology Fails Miserably, Creates Monsters

NBA 2K15's face-scanning tech sure looked fancy when shown off last month. But now that it's out, it's making creatures that shouldn't exist in this world. Or any other.


The latest entry in 2K Sports' hoops series came out today and people are having a go with the technology that uses connected cameras to scan faces for character creation. The early results, as rounded up by SB Nation, are abominations.


Yeah, it came out screwed up but at least those folks got the game to read their facial data. Polygon's Owen Good couldn't even get the thing to work for him.

(top image via Twitter)

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I was on the fence about this year's version... until this. Absolute purchase now.

I'm going to make the Milwaukee Sloths. All centers. No bullshit.