Japan is famous for making things smaller. Thinner. And more compact. Sex toys are no exception.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

IT Media reports that adult goods company Tenga is releasing a ballsy new product called "Pocket Tenga." In short, it's a disposable masturbation sleeve that is bundled with lubrication.


There's a sticker on the outside that allows users to put the finished sleeve back into the package and seal it up and throw it away in the most sanitary way possible.

Yes, it's actually come to this.

Priced at 198 yen ($1.94) a pop, the toy will be out next month and is available in three styles: Wave Line, Block Edge, and, ahem, Click Ball.

Note: an earlier version of this story listed the product as "Pocket Tenga Wave Line." It's actually "Pocket Tenga."

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