In Japan, there's a dish called "omurice" (オムライス). It's a type of omelette that is filled with rice. Kids, in particular, love it. There's a way to make this tasty meal cuter: add animal characters.

Here's what omurice looks like:

It's rice wrapped in an omelette with ketchup or a sauce.

Gosh, I wish this was dinner tonight.

Sometimes, people write nice things on omurice.

Sometimes, not so nice. ("Shine" or 死ね means "die.") But sometimes, people make omurice with animals or animal characters. Not real animals, mind you. Though if you wanna get technical, eggs are real animals.


Yesterday on Twitter, user Yanagikota uploaded the above Corgi rice omulette (top image). Darling, isn't it?

A while back, it was a bit of a thing among some folks in Japan to make omurice with Rilakkuma as well as other characters and other animals. The eggs become a blanket or even a kotatsu.

Too cute to eat!

今日の夕飯はコーギーオムライスです [Yanagikota]

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