There’s a time and a place to drop some Grand Theft Auto knowledge, and apparently that time is when you’re an anchor on the local news.

While reporting on a story about the band Flock of Seagulls getting their van stolen, local news anchor Rusty Ray of WBTW-TV pointed out that the band’s hit song, I Ran (So Far Away), was ironically “The theme of the Grand Theft Auto games, just sayin’.” Specifically he’s talking about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which used the song heavily to advertise the game.

I’m not gonna lie — I actually can’t remember the last time I heard someone on television make an accurate and specific reference to any game newer than Super Mario Brothers, and I do this stuff for a living.

Keep your nerd flag flying, Rusty.

(Clip via WBTW, South Carolina)

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