A Smash Bros. Mod That Makes Captain Falcon's Final Smash Glorious

Not to say Captain Falcon's final smash isn't already neat, but it pales to the absurdity and awesomeness of what this mod by Nudolf can make it into. We're talkin' like, smash sans car, smash using Wario's motorcycle and more. It's great.

You can see what I mean in this video compilation by versat13, where the awesome variances on the smash are showcased. Got a favorite take on it? Mine would have to be the Koopa shell one:


But if you don't have the ten minutes to spare watching the video, here's a collection of GIFs of all the different takes on the final smash by OneShinyMudkip—mind that a few at the start look kind of similar, and then it gets kind of ridic:

[SSBB] BlueFalcon30 (High-quality ver.) [YES] [versat13]

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More impressive is the unbelievable coordination between three other players made in killing Captain Falcon after his goofy final smashes.

Jaw dropping stuff.