Pro Gamer Retires So He Can Finish High School

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Last night, professional StarCraft II player Kim "duckdeok" Kyeong Deok suddenly announced he was leaving eSports. He's trading his keyboard and mouse for school books.


"I have decided to retire S2," tweeted Kim—news that surprised many.

This past summer, Kim came in first at the 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe, winning US$20,000. "I was thinking about retiring after WCS Europe Season 2, but I ended up winning so the retirement was delayed," Kim told Daily eSports (via tipster Sang). "I am going to focus on my studies and obtain my GED."

And then? "I will plan my future," Kim added. The Protoss player isn't yet twenty, and he began pro gaming in 2010, when he was still sixteen or seventeen. What Kim is saying implies that in pursuing his pro gaming career, he didn't finish high school. Congrats to Duckdeok for a successful career and for resolving to earn his high school credentials.

'WCS 우승자' MVP 김경덕, 학업 이유로 은퇴 선언 [Daily eSports Thanks, Sang!]

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More and more people seem to be jumping ship, I wonder if it's just the result of MOBAs stealing the limelight or if this is indicative of a larger trend that we don't see in those games yet due to their relatively recent implementation.