McDonald's is introducing tofu McNuggets. With carrots and edamame. Oh, and fish.

These come in the wake of a food scandal that showed chicken nuggets being made with rotten meat.

Recently, website Weekly ASCII checked out the nuggets, which are actually called "Tofu Shinjo Nuggets" (豆腐しんじょナゲット), with "shinjo" referring to a type of fish patty eaten in Japan. So yes, these also have fish bits in them.

[Photo: Weekly ASCII]

[Photo: pizzahattori]

[Photo: soreramiroland]

Some people, like Twitter user VOLxxx, like them! There are even those saying they preferred them to Chicken McNuggets. Then, some folks, like Twitter user Yamachan_Crazy, didn't really like them so much.


Weekly ASCII said the tofu nuggets were good—especially with the ginger dipping sauce—but pointed out that it's better to think of these as a totally new side and not a nugget replacement. Rotten meat or not, nothing can replace Chicken McNuggets. Nothing.

[Photo: Weekly ASCII]

As someone who digs tofu and edamame, these tofu nuggets sound yummy.

マックのチキンを使わないナゲット『豆腐しんじょナゲット』を実食した [Weekly ASCII]


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