Putting The Xbox One's Reveal In Perspective

LaserFrog's summary here of last week's big console reveal may well be the first time something has been so melancholy it's made me smile.


Then again, it doesn't matter how you say "bag of farts", that's normally enough to get a laugh out of me.

Run, Play, Think! - Xbox One Reveal Revealed [YouTube]

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Maybe I am getting old, but this whole Internet reaction to xbox one event makes me sad and depressed. I really do hope Microsoft and Sony stick to their principals and deliver something that changes current gaming paradigm. And Internet, please, stop responding to rumors, innuendos, and speculations based on single piece of information. This is complete failure of Microsoft marketing team, but give the company a chance to tell the whole story if there is one. I am just going to wait till E3 and make my final decision. I really like the three OS concept. I really like to see that concept converges into Microsoft general OS. I like to run a thin hypervisor on my PC with 32 GB of RAM and run more than just two VMs. I like to see Microsoft creating something similar to Valve Steam with used game sale in mind in Xbox so I can transfer my used game license to someone else and have Microsoft and publishers to have some cuts. If someone or organization just follows a popular belief of that time, that person and organization go nowhere. Someone has to make a hard decision and stick with the decision until it grounds itself or flourishes like nothing out there. So Microsoft or Sony, whatever you plan to do, just move forward and do what you plan to do. I will wait and see what you bring on the table and I decide what I want to do. After seeing Sony and Microsoft conference, I feel like I will just stick with my PC and I will keep my Xbox 360 until it goes into a sunset. I sold my PS3 three years ago and hearing that Sony's admission of PS3 mishandling is quite sobering. I don't think PS4's message is something I care about although I do think that some of Sony's exclusives are wonderful and excellent.