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Man Eats Burger King Burger with One Hundred Slices of Grilled Onions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember the dude who ordered a Burger King burger with a thousand slices of bacon? Well, he's back! This time he's ordered a hamburger with a hundred slices of grilled onion. Because a thousand slices would be insane.

After unwrapping the tower of sliced onion burger, it promptly toppled over, leaving Mr. Sato from Japanese site Rocket News doing his best to hold it together. And eat it like this:


And then eat it like this:


And when he tired of eating fistfuls of onions, he slathered some barbeque sauce on them.

Which eventually lead to this:


And this.


The remaining onions were put in a pot and cooked with beef for a delicious "beef bowl" (牛丼 or "gyuudon") that looks yummier than any burger.


Talk about havin' it your way!

バーガーキングにタマネギ100枚挟んで食べてみた [rocketnews24@YouTube via ロケットニュース]

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