Books All About The Games You (Well, Some People) Love

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You can read plenty of books about video games, but there aren't many books all about one individual video game. Which is exactly why Boss Fight books want to step in and fix that.


Boss Fight wants to be "the 33 1/3 of video games", bringing together passionate authors to write a whole book about the games that ring their bell.

Beginning as a Kickstarter, one which blew past its asking total in 8 hours, their first five books will cover Earthbound, Galaga, ZZT, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Jagged Alliance 2

You'll notice Sid Meier's Colonization is absent from that list because, hey, they didn't ask me. So good luck with that guys.

You can get more info on how to order a copy below.

Boss Fight Books [Kickstarter]


Main stream games that everyone who knows anything about games should already know enough about. "Super Mario Brothers 2"? Really? You mean Doki Doki Panic? I guess I can give Earthbound some credit. I mean, I guess most people have never heard of Mother 2, certainly not the people at I'd rather see books that will draw interest into some ill-fated games people have all-but-forgotten about. Secret of Evermore certainly didn't need to die, and there's enough drama in its development history to definitely be more interesting than how Japanese Super-Celebrity Shigesato Itoi decided Dragon Quest sucked and wanted to out-do and/or parody it.

But whatever, I guess you can just file me under the esoteric/hipster crowd on this one.