These images were taken at the "Battle For Middle Earth". While it shares a name, I can assure you this is at least 100x cooler than EA's middling Lord of the Rings strategy series.

Taking place in the Czech Republic, it was an enormous LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) event, mixed with more than a little cosplay, which saw participants assume the role of a character from Middle Earth, join up with their faction (I can see Mordor, Gondor, Easterlings, Rohan and Elves...along with a certain wizard), do a little role-playing then smash each other around for a bit in giant pitched battles.


They really went all out. Not only are some of the costumes great work, but they even built a wee castle so they could have a siege. Some even had the balls to ride in on horses.

The event took place last year, but the images were shared with only last week. You can check out the full gallery at the link below (with a video from the 2011 event at the top).

Pán Prstenů - Bitva o Středozem [2012] by Stano Buštor [Facebook]