Project Eternity Is Now Pillars of Eternity, And It Looks Great

There's still no release date for Obsidian's big new RPG, once called Project Eternity, but here's a lovely new trailer for your medieval-landmark-loving eyes.


The takeaway here: the game's now called Pillars of Eternity; it looks like the old Infinity Engine brought back to life; all that Kickstarter money seems to have transformed into a video game; oh man I want to play this now.

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Looks straight out of 1999, though in this case that's what they were paid to make, so you can't 'blame' them.

As much as I love most RPGs, from The Witcher to Dragon Age to Mass Effect to Deus Ex, I think I'll stick with my cutscenes and pretty graphics thanks. Each to their own though :)