Listen To One Of The Best Video Game Soundtracks Of The Year Right Now

Hopefully you are already hip to Hotline Miami, Cactus' unhinged, techno-drenched top-down murderfest. It's a wicked cool, incredibly fun game, and it sports one of the best soundtracks of the year. (If you're not aware of the game, you can read some of my impressions here.)


And now, can now listen to the entire soundtrack on Soundcloud:

So. Hot. The best thing about Hotline Miami is how the music fits in with the game, the tension and release of every level, the way they each tie in with the accompanying tunes. But it's also just a killer set of tracks. I can't even deal with how much I love Jasper Byrne's "Miami."

Listen, and enjoy. And hey, pick up Hotline Miami! You won't be sorry.

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