The best thing about 2013 is that it's the Year of Luigi. So it's going to suck when 2014 comes around and it's not the Year of Luigi anymore. Unless...

...unless we can keep the good times rolling and make 2014 the Year of Blathers. Or the Year of Birdo. Or the Year of Any Other Awesome Nintendo Character You Can Think Of Who Deserves The Honour.


We put our heads together to come up with a few ideas to help get things started, but there's such a wealth of Nintendo characters we figured we'd turn to you guys for help.

Who do you think should be 2014's "Year Of" Nintendo star? Show us in the comments below. And Nintendo, if you're reading, the Year of Zill would be awesome, thanks.

To help get you started, here's a template (font is Roboto, which you can get here).

UPDATE: OK, got some good ones coming in.

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