This Killer Metro: Last Light 'Trailer' Is More Like A Short Film

Video game trailers can be crass, they can be dumb, and they can be misleading. They can also be pretty damned cool. This trailer for Metro: Last Light is pretty damned cool.


It's called "The Mobious," and it takes a long, freeze-frame tour through a bunch of the sorts of scenes you'll see throughout the game's dank, sub-Moscow tunnels.

You might be thinking it's peculiar for a trailer this involved and artful to come out well after a game is released, and you'd be right! Developer 4A explains how it came to be:

The Mobius was created by Alexander Bereznyak, aka Monakh, who was originally employed by 4A as a capture artist. Soon it turned out that his talent was needed in the production team and he took over the role as lead technical artist. But over a couple of months, he continued to work alone on this trailer, that is now made public.

Nice. Cool trailer, Mr. Bereznyak!

(Cool game, too, as it happens.)



Last Light was a huge disappointment for me. I have a pair of older ATI cards...they pull their own weight (BF3 on high settings), but if a developer doesn't give attention to ATI when coding their game, it's a hellish experience (read: RAGE, Far Cry 3 [to a degree, not as bad]). Pretty much gipped me out of $45. I'd love it if developers stopped paying favorites to whichever graphics card company pays them off more. It's just not right to the consumers.

(I was able to get a Steam refund, but if I ever come back to it, I'll have to pay $50. Plus $5 if I want ranger mode...come on.)