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Korean Spider-Man Has an Erection, Pisses People Off

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh hey, it's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Your very, very friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Note: This article contains content that some readers might find objectionable.

Since last year, Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea has been home to a Spider-Man sculpture by an artist Eunsuk Yoo. It's a rather unusual, somewhat amusing sculpture as Spider-Man has a boner.

Less amusing is the fact that the Spider-Man sculpture was erected over the shopping mall's playground and rest area. Oh dear.

As pointed out by tipster Sang, the image has gone viral online in South Korea recently as complaints got bigger regarding the piece. The artist was told to either take the statue down or modify it (lose the woody, I guess). Instead of compromising his vision, Yoo decided to have his sculpture taken down.

On his Facebook page, the artist provided his reasons why (translation via Sang):

I am the artist who made this piece. My reason for it was that I wanted apply the natural physical phenomenon to a superhero depict whats's natural in the morning without lies and superficial-ness in a comical way.

There have been some comments on various community sites and Facebook pages that this is lewd and a disgrace to the source material. Lotte Shopping Center has received many complaint calls this morning from a certain organization, and after their meeting, it was decided that I have to either modify or take the statue down. Instead of modifying my work, I've decided to take it down.

It was ok for about a year and now it has to be taken down due a sudden interest in the piece, which is sad. But I understand that a piece that could be potentially interpreted as lewd can be offensive at a place like shopping mall. It's disappointing, but I'll reach out to the public with a better work next time.

Think he's too hard on himself? Also, maybe pick a better place next time? While the sculpture probably counts as parody, I wonder if Lotte ran it by Marvel first? Or even, notice the boner?

The above images are courtesy of Daum, Phongdan, and the artist's Facebook page.

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